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The KnowPulse KnowledgeBase focuses on short question-based tutorials to help researchers get their work done. Specifically, this collection of tutorials includes questions asked by pulse crop researchers supporting the breeding program at the University of Saskatchewan, Crop Development Center. Each question is answered through a short tutorial which uses KnowPulse as part of the workflow to answer the question. The whole workflow, including non-KnowPulse focused steps, is covered with a holistic approach to help the researcher answer their question efficiently.

This knowledgebase is inspired by The Carpentries.
For more information on this style of teaching
see their paper "Best Practices for Scientific Computing".

Who: These tutorials are aimed at pulse crop graduate students and researchers.

Requirements: Participants must bring a laptop with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.) that they have administrative privileges on.

Contact: Please email for more information.


Lesson Site Repository Maintainer(s)
helium exporter Ruobin Liu, Reynold Tan
How to write a funding proposal Laura Jardine, Lacey-Anne Sanderson, Ruobin Liu
How to store raw pehnotypic data in KnowPulse Ruobin Liu
Laboratory Protocols Ruobin Liu
How to avoid plagiarism in academic writing Lacey-Anne Sanderson and Ruobin Liu
How to use R for data analysis Lacey-Anne Sanderson and Ruobin Liu
How to get a list of SNPs varients between 2+ varieties within a region of interest Lacey-Anne Sanderson and Ruobin Liu
How to find breeding crosses using partial pedigree information Lacey-Anne Sanderson and Ruobin Liu
How to search for germplasm to find pedigree and phenotypic data Lacey-Anne Sanderson and Ruobin Liu
How to create your own lesson Lacey-Anne Sanderson

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