How do I create a new lesson for the KnowPulse KnowledgeBase?

The KnowPulse KnowledgeBase focuses on short question-based lessons to help researchers get their work done.

Are you a Pulse Crop Researchers motivated to share their expertise with the community? We hope this lesson will help you to share that knowledge! The only requirement is that this tutorial will be useful to other Pulse Crop researchers. It should use KnowPulse where applicable but can also use other web resources and desktop or command-line tools. It should be a complete description of how to solve an example question and include:

  1. what data is needed and how to access it,
  2. how to prepare that data for each tool used,
  3. how to use each tool,
  4. how to interpret the results presented by the tool. In short, please include all the information you wish you knew when starting out your analysis!

Some of the things you will learn include:

Getting Started

The KnowPulse KnowledgeBase lessons are hands-on, so participants are encouraged to use their own computers to ensure the proper setup of tools for an efficient workflow. To most effectively use these materials, please make sure to download the data and install everything before working through this lesson.

This workshop assumes no prior experience with the tools covered in the workshop.

To get started, follow the directions in the Setup tab to get access to the required software and data for this workshop.


This tutorial does not deal with scientific data directly.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Creating your Lesson from the Template What is a lesson? What is an episode?
How do I start creating a lesson?
00:08 2. Making your lesson a website How is my lesson made into a webpage?
How do I update it?
00:15 3. Customize your lesson How do I provide details for my lesson?
There is placehold text… how do I make it go away?
00:30 4. Creating an episode How do I add an episode to my lesson?
What is this table at the top of my Markdown page?
How do I add images? Headers? Code samples?
01:00 5. The Setup and Reference sections How to I provide setup instructions for researchers?
The Extras > Reference page is blank… how can I fix this?
01:25 6. Adding your lesson to the KnowPulse KnowledgeBase listing How do I add my complete lesson to the KnowPulse KnowledgeBase?
01:45 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.